Meester-Affineurs is a young company based in Wageningen, Gelderland. Meester Affineurs produces, treats and matures raw milk or thermized cheeses. With today’s technology and the passion for cheese making, a traditional cheese is created without artificial aroma, colors or flavors. The salting takes place in a bath with sea salt, which contains more spores, elements and minerals. The ladies, whose milk is not skimmed, graze on rich pastures, are fed locally and their well-being is paramount. The circularity and sustainability on the farms are also in focus. And that in turn is translated into a breed and grass-specific milk, of special ladies, with a rich composition. The cheeses are real eye-catchers with their robust and tough look!

Cheese making by Meester-Affineurs

The way Master Affineurs make their cheeses is special. They work with chilled evening milk and still warm morning milk, for the freshest result. This creates a premium milk, because the fat and protein percentages differ between the evening milk and morning milk. The fresh raw milk is then processed in the artisan cheese factory. They add specific microorganisms to the milk before the milk starts to acidifying. After acidification, the milk is curdled and then the curd is washed and placed in cloths in cheese rings. Then the first pressing takes place. In the second light pressing, the signature of Master Affineurs is added. The cheeses are then salted in the salt bath. This salting takes 25% less time than usual, so that the cheese becomes less salty. Now the cheese is ready to develop the taste during the maturing process.

The milk used to make the cheeses comes from farmers from The Gelderse Valley who are within a radius of 15 km around the cheese factory.

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