About us

Welcome at Treur Kaas. A family business since 1955. We are based in Woerden, the cheese center of The Netherlands. With passion and consistently high commitment the family build up their own warehouse, the knowledge from maturing Gouda’s and a big network in the top of the Gouda cheese world. Therefore our family business became the specialist in sourcing and ageing of premium Dutch Gouda cheeses. We supply the best of Dutch cheese to wholesalers, retailers and specialty shops in the world.

Treur Kaas is guided by the second generation Daan and René Treur. At the beginning of 2015, Eduard Treur started as account manager at Treur kaas. Eduard Treur is the son of Daan Treur. With this, the third generation has entered the family business.

Artisanal Cheese makers and farmers

We work together with artisanal cheese makers and famers who have the knowledge and passion to make the finest Gouda cheeses to serve the high-end customer in exploring the world of cheese. Organic or non-organic, with herbs or plain, made of cow’s, goat’s or sheep’s milk, we have it all.