Farmstead cheese

Our range of farmstead cheese, consists of both farmhouse cheeses and farmer’s cheeses.

Farmer’s cheese
Farmer’s cheese is made from raw cow’s milk. This means that the milk is not heated, so that all the bacteria in the cheese continue to live. This farmer’s taste gives the cheese an extra flavor dimension.

Not all cheeses are allowed to bear the name ‘farm cheese’. The name farm cheese is protected and should only be carried by cheeses that are traditionally made by the farmer on the farmer’s own farm of unheated milk from the own herd. These are (half) hard cheeses made from raw milk from cows, goats, sheep or buffalo cows, extracted mainly from own cattle and with a specific shape, crust and fat content. With this, these cheeses meet the requirements of ‘Guaranteed Traditional Specialty’ (GTS). The GTS label is visible on our farmer’s cheeses.

Farmhouse cheese
Farmhouse cheese is made from thermized milk. That’s milk that is briefly heated between 40-65 degrees. As a result, some of the bacteria dies, but not all bacteria. This also means that farmhouse cheese has that ‘farmer’s taste’.

See below an overview of all our farmhouse cheeses. All cheeses are prepared with love by the farmer and you can taste it!

Erfgoed Stelling Cheese

Our range Erfgoed (Herritage) Stelling cheeses is made by farmers who make cheeses on a daily base with complete abandon. Often learned from father to son and this tradition is represented in the heritage. The “stelling” (shelves rack) stands for the type of cheese and the age type. The first number indicates which farmer has made the cheese and the last number indicates the age. The higher the last number, the longer the cheese has matured on wooden shelves in our warehouse.

Click on the cheeses below to find out more about the cheese and the farmer.

Oudelandse Boeren Cheese

“Oudelandse Boeren” is a range of cheeses that consists of both farmhouse cheeses and farmer’s cheeses. The recipe has been compiled by various cheese connoisseurs. Pure nature, without food coloring, made from the best milk and made in due process by the best farmers. The milk made for the cheese making of the “Oudelandse Boeren” is specially selected from farmers from the region called  “Groene Hart”. You can read the story of the farmer who made the cheese by clicking on the cheeses.

The cheese is named after the farm on the Oudelandseweg in Woerden, where Evert Treur started trading cheese in 1955.

Villa Herbed Cheese

The herbed cheeses from the Villa range are all special. All cheeses are made in a traditional way according to their own recipe. These herbed cheeses are made by selected farmers who are specialized in making unique herbed cheeses. Each cheese gets its own herbal additives, creating the specific taste. Click on the cheeses below to find out more about the cheese and the farmer!