Herbed Cheese

Our range of herbed cheeses consists of many different types of cheeses. From raw milk cheeses to pasteurized cheeses. Organic and non-organic. With additives of Italian black truffle, Italian herbs, fenugreek, cumin, pesto, and much more! At Treur Kaas you have plenty of choice when it comes to herbed cheese. We offer something for everyone.

We have herbed cheese from cow’s milk, goat’s milk and sheep’s milk. See here our different brands.

Cow’s cheese with herbs
In our Weydeland 35+ range we have four herbed cheeses, made by CONO Cheesemakers from the “Midden-Beemster”. In the Villa range we have many different herbed cheeses, all made by selected farmers. Villa herbed cheese can be made raw-, thermized or pasteurized milk. Gouda cumin cheese 48+ from young to old, made from the best Dutch cow’s milk. In addition, we also have organic cow cheese with herbs, which are cheeses with the brand Biostee.

Goat cheese with herbs
We also have several goat cheeses with additives, namely North-Holland goat cheese Chevretta with a rich herbal mix, Geitenstee from Ouddorp and our organic goat cheese with the brand Mèkkerstee with fenugreek, honey clover, Italian herbs, truffle or sea lettuce.

All herbed cheeses are made according to our own recipe by the best cheesemakers and are prepared with love for animals, people and earth. Then the cheeses are matured in our conditioned warehouse to achieve the best taste. Each cheese has its own story. If you click on a cheese below, you can read the whole story of the cheese and the cheesemaker.

Villa Herbed Cheese

The herbed cheeses from the Villa range are all special. All cheeses are made in a traditional way according to their own recipe. These herbed cheeses are made by selected farmers who are specialized in making unique herbed cheeses. Each cheese gets its own herbal additives, creating the specific taste. Click on the cheeses below to find out more about the cheese and the farmer!

Beppie Organic Sheep Cheese

Beppie sheep’s cheese is a very creamy organic sheep’s cheese. Coming from a small cooperative with organic sheep. Produced by De Mèkkerstee in Ouddorp. We have this organic sheep cheese in mild and matured. Beppie matured has been awarded several times, which proves that our organic sheep cheese is very tasteful and has a high quality level. A real specialty with an unique taste.

Chevretta Goat Cheese

Our range Chevretta goat cheese consists of a range of delicious creamy goat cheeses from North Holland. In this range there is one herbed cheese, which is the Chevretta Herbal Mix. A delicious goat cheese with a blend of green herbs and peppers. Prepared with love by the family business, Klaver Kaas from the town Winkel in The Netherlands.

Mèkkerstee Organic Goat Cheese

Organic goat cheese with a very creamy, full flavor. Made on care farm De Mèkkerstee in Ouddorp. The goats get the best nutrition and care, which ensures the best quality goat’s milk and you can taste that! In this product range we also have delicious goat cheeses with herbs, from fenugreek to truffle. See below all herbed cheeses from De Mèkkerstee range and click further to see which one suits your shop.