Our cheese warehouse where we mature about 1100 tons of cheese is located in Woerden, a city in het “Groene Hart” (the Green Heart). It is all about creating the right conditions for maturing  the cheese and giving the best treatment so that the taste of the cheese can develop optimally. This happens in our conditioned warehouses and basement where there is a constant temperature and humidity.

These conditioned spaces are the beginning of a carefully guarded quality chain, from storage to the moment the cheese is on the shelves in your cheese shop.  In this way we only deliver cheese of superior quality.


When the cheese arrives at our warehouse, it is weighed first and then stamped. By doing this, the cheese can be traced to the moment it is on the shelves. The cheese is then coated with a very thin layer of coating to protect the crust. This ensures the excellent quality and taste of our cheese and improves the shelf life of our cheese.

After this first operation, each cheese is placed on wooden shelves (about 38 km) in our cheese warehouse, where it is cared for and matured during a certain period of time. The constant temperature and humidity provides our cheeses with a specific taste and ensure that we offer continuity in the overall range all year round. The treatment and care are fully automated, so that a high-quality result is also achieved.


To ensure food safety, we are FSSC22000 certified. An annual audit is carried out to determine whether this certificate is renewed.

For the purchase, storage, sale and transport of commercial products such as cheeses, butter, wine and tapas, we have the certificate ISO22000. This means that we have a guaranteed well-functioning quality assurance system and a reliable hygiene management system based on HACCP principles. Our business process, from procurement and storage to distribution, meets therefore all requirements to ensure the quality of our products.

Treur Kaas is also in possession of the KB-license. This means that we comply with the Foundation Quality Assurance Farmer’s Cheese provisions in the Quality Handbook Farmer’s Cheese.

For organic cheese we are Skal certified. This certification shall ensure that the treatments made during the process of maturing organic cheese meet the standards of organic cheese. This is checked annually by Skal.

See our certificates below: