Premium Cheese

Our Dutch cheese is made from the best fresh meadow milk. The cows graze on the vast polders of the Netherlands. This soil is slightly salty, which produces meadow milk that is naturally creamier. This makes Dutch Gouda cheese particularly delicious and creamy.

Weydeland Cheese
Our brand Weydeland cheese is prepared by CONO Cheesemakers from the “Midden -Beemster”. This is a farmer’s cooperative that together with the farmers make the tastiest and fairest cheese from the best milk.

The Weydeland cows walk as soon as possible outside in the meadow (grazing). Cows that graze in the meadow show more natural behaviour, are happier and are therefore healthier. And that is what you can taste in the creaminess of our Weydeland cheese!

In 2020 CONO cheese factory was named the most sustainable cheese factory in the Netherlands. CONO’s production process is climate neutral. This means that milk water is reused as much as possible and the member dairy farmers supply CONO with their own generated electricity.

Weydeland Cheese 20% F.i.d.M.

The light cheese Weydeland 20% surprises you in terms of taste. The fat content in this cheese is about 60% lower than in 48% cheese. Suitable for the consumer who opts for a balanced diet. Compared to other 20% cheeses, the taste of this cheese is much richer.

Weydeland Cheese Specialities

The old cheese specials of Weydeland are unique. These cheeses are made according to a family recipe and are specially matured. In addition, small ripening crystals arise in the cheese and these cheeses do deserve their names. Old cheeses which are “Flinck (Big), Rijck (Rich) and Unieck (Unique)” in taste.

Weydeland Cheese Less Salt

Weydeland Cheese Less Salt is a 48% cheese with about 25% less salt than a regular Gouda cheese.