Would you like to know everything there is to know about cheese? Ask me. I can answer the difficult questions. I am responsible for the purchase and sale of cheese.

Daan Treur

Commercial Director
Responsible for the ins and outs at our family company. Safeguarding the core values, and looking for and exploiting opportunities.

René Treur

General Manager
Responsible for the sale of cheese in the Netherlands (Central region). And responsible for purchase together with Daan.

Eduard Treur

Purchase / Sale
I always give honest advice, with attention for you and your situation. I also like to highlight other people’s strengths.

Bert Westmaas

Commercial Manager
I am responsible for managing the daily operations within Treur. I make sure that everything runs efficiently and successfully.

Jeroen de Laat

Manager Operations
I work in the background to make sure that all the numbers are right. My biggest strength is my controlled way of working. You can always count on me.

Arie Terlouw

Manager Finance & Control
Responsible for the sale of cheese in countries like Belgium, France, Spain and the US.

Mark Eversteijn

Export Manager
My job is to make sure that the company process, from purchase to distribution, complies with all the requirements to guarantee the quality of our products.

Maaike Schouwenburg

Manager Quality
Your Flemish guide in Dutch cheese. Responsible for the sale of cheese in Belgium and France.

Stefaan Pinsart

Account Manager Belgium and France
I enjoy advising you across the borders with passion and humor! Responsible for sales of our cheeses in Germany, United Kingdom, Scandinavia

Willem-Jan Oudehinken

Accountmanager Internationaal
I am always here for my customers, with a personal, enthusiastic and fresh approach. I like to help them achieve their ambitious goals.

Rik Koekoek

Account Manager Netherlands (North region)
I am here for you, with that typical Brabant charm. For support and advice. Responsible for the sale of cheese in the south of the Netherlands!

Christel Schreuders

Account Manager (South region)
Supports the Manager Finance & Control in all financial administration processes.

Joël Ritmeester

Financial Administration
I can help you with your cheese order, with good advice and a smile. Aside from that, I make sure that everything runs smoothly behind the scenes!

Helen Vlasman

Team Leader sale back office
For over 15 years, I have been helping our clients with their cheese orders, with love and care. I give advice and provide support.

Annemieke Francken

Back Office Support
I am responsible for all marketing and communication activities within Treur Kaas. I am committed and creative, and I like to think along.

Monique van der Meer

Manager Marketing and Communication
I am responsible for the export marketing, the websites and social media. My strength is in my enthusiasm and my personal approach.

Nienke van de Wetering

Marketing and Communication
I will help you sell cheese with the right communication. I would love to make your flyers, posters, TV images or other POS materials.

Lotte van Kessel

Marketing and Communication
I support our marketing department. My strength is in my creativity, photography and image editing.

Esther van Krimpen

Marketing and Communication
I support our marketing and sales department. My strength is in my enthusiasm and cheerfulness. I always give my all to every task!

Ruby Zeeuw

Marketing and Communication
I am in charge of our logistics colleagues. I am always available for logistics challenges.

Jeroen Kuijpers

Manager Logistics
I assist the manager with passion and commitment. I spend a lot of time on the work floor and I can do work at the process line/robot line.

Ron van Wageningen

Assistant Manager Logistics
With my calm approach, I support the hectic logistics administration. I am available for any questions about logistics.

Jolanda Bijl

Logistics Administration Employee
With enthusiasm, I deliver the best cheese to my regular clients every day. I listen to my clients and help out where I can!

Ron Burggraaf

I guarantee compliance with the employment conditions and applicable laws, so that employees can do their work with enjoyment, passion and safety.

Stella van der Maat

It is my pleasure to drive to our regular clients to deliver our best cheeses. I love putting cheese on the shelf for you.

Gert-Jan Lindhout

Ever since Treur has transportation under their own management, I have been a driver for the company. Every day I drive my regular routes, that I know like the back of my hand because of my experience

Bert Wichers

Every day, I give many cheeses a layer of coating on the process line. I share a shift with my colleague Cock.

André Klompenmaker

Every day, I give our cheeses a coating on the process line. I share a shift with my colleague Andre.

Cock Sterk

I am the regular operator on the robot line. With my knowledge and skills, I turn all incoming cheeses in their place.

Eddy Schouten

With my 30 years of experience at Treur, I know exactly what cheeses our clients order, and colleagues can turn to me with any questions.

John Brouwer

Warehouse employee
With my enthusiasm and cheerfulness, I do my best to make sure that our clients receive the right products, every day.

John Lok

Warehouse employee
With my wide-ranging employability, I can work in many places. I prepare and take out orders with the greatest care.

Wouter Boerefijn

Warehouse employee
I am the comedian of the company. Every day, I sing and I whistle while cleaning the offices and covering the cheeses.

Bertus Blanken

I have been thoroughly cleaning at Treur for many years. Because of my efforts, the warehouse looks spotless.

Hakeem Bakare

Every day, I am busy preparing orders. My infectious laughter can often be heard in the warehouse.

Mees Boere

Warehouse employee
I enjoy using the export line to prepare our cheese for export. I also maintain the heavy farmers cheeses of 30 and 60 kg.

Jaime Diliberto

Warehouse employee