Privacy Policy

Treur Kaas respects the privacy of all users of its website and ensures that the personal information you provide us is treated confidentially. Your personal data will only be used for the activities necessary to handle your question and/or comment. Only after your consent, your data will be used to realize marketing purposes and maintain the customer relationship with you.

Treur Kaas you will not sell, rent or lease personally identifiable information to others unless this is done with your consent or the legislation requires us to do so. Treur Kaas will not use or disclose the personally identifiable information you provide to us online other than described in this policy, without first notifying you and giving you the opportunity to refrain from doing so.

Every time you visit our website, our server automatically  recognizes only your domain name and not your email address. When visiting our website we keep:
– your email address if you communicate this to us.
– the domain name of other websites you have consulted to go to our website.
– any information relating to the pages you have consulted on our website.
– any information you have voluntarily provided (e.g. when registering).

This information is only used to improve the content of our website. The information is only used internally and is not passed on to other organizations for commercial purposes.

Cookies are used on this website. A cookie is a small file sent by a web server that installs itself on your computer’s hard drive. This file keeps track of the website visited and contains some details about this visit:
– to register your preferences.
– to record information sessions, such as information about what you add to your shopping basket.
– to register your past activities on the website.
– to customize the content and presentation of the website based on your browser type or other information sent by the browser.

If you don’t want us to use cookies, you can turn them off in the web browser. Most browsers can be set up in such a way that cookies are rejected or that you are notified when you receive a cookie. Instructions regarding adjusting the browser’s settings can be found under “Help” in the toolbar of most browsers. Usually the visitor to the website can still make unlimited use of the website. However, if cookies are rejected, certain services or elements of the website may not function optimally.

We have put in place the necessary security measures to prevent the loss, unlawful use or modification of information we receive on our website.

Treur Kaas is also against spam and unsolicited advertising. If you still believe that you receive unwanted e-mails from us, you can make this known. You can find our contact details on the ‘Contact’ page. We will remove your address from our file at your request.

If you provide us with your phone number over the web, our company will only contact you by phone if this is necessary to inform you about our products and services in which you have expressed interest.

On request, we offer visitors to our website the opportunity to correct any data we keep of them. If you wish to change your personal information, please contact us. Our contact details can be found on the ‘Contact’ page of this website.