Organic Cheese

In addition to our range of common cheeses, we also offer a wide range of organic cheeses.

But what is the difference between organic cheese and non- organic cheese?
The biggest difference is the life of the (jersey) cow, sheep or goat and how the environment is handled. For example, theese animals do not get artificial milk, but milk from their mother. When they’re older, they only get organic food.

At organic farmers, the animals can always go outside, provided that the soil condition and the weather allows this. In addition, no chemical or artificial substances are used in fertilisation of the land. The preventive use of medicines and antibiotics is not permitted.

When making organic cheese, it is not permitted to use bacteria-killing or antifungal agents. Also food coloring should not be used for organic cheese.

The above points are covered by the guidelines of the organic chain. Skal Biocontrole monitors whether an organization complies to these guidelines. By means of a green label on the cheeses, you can see that it is organic cheese.

This way you have the cheese at its purest and you can taste it in our organic cheeses!

Below you will find an overview of our organic cheeses.

Biostee Organic Cheese

Biostee is a 100% organic cheese, made from the most creamy cow’s milk.

Biostee is an organic agriculture and vegetable growing company in the Hoeksche Waard. This company is run by 3 farmers.

In Strijen, a town next to Zuid-Beijerland, 200 milk cows are grazing. These are taking care of by farmer Marius de Vlieger. These cows feast on the resting crops of the Biostee. As a thank you, they give delicious milk and manure full of nutrients in return. The result is happy cows, delicious cheese from their milk, vegetables that grow well and farmers with a big smile. So the circle is complete!

Mèkkerstee Goat Cheese

The cheese of the Mèkkerstee is very special. This goat cheese is 100% organic, full of taste and pure nature! On care farm De Mèkkerstee in Ouddorp, a goat herd of about 600 goats grazes that give about 3 liters of fresh goat’s milk every day. This milk is of high quality because the goats receive the best nutrition and care. In addition, they get the space they need.

The milk is processed into goat cheese with a delicious pure goat cheese flavor. In this process, no salt is added or preservatives are used, so you can taste the best of nature! The most delicious goat’s cheese is so soft and creamy that it appeals to everyone.

Happy Mrs. Jersey

Happy Mrs. Jersey is an organic cheese made from 100% jersey milk. The cheese is made from milk from 80 Jersey cows on the island of Goeree-Overflakkee. The cheese is pasteurized and has a weight of 8 kg.

Jersey milk has a different composition of fat and protein than milk from a Holsteiner cow. The percentage of fat (5.9%) protein content (4.2%)  is higher, making the cheese even creamier and fuller in taste. Jersey milk is also naturally richer in vitamins and minerals (2 times as much), carotene, and conjugated linoleic acid (CLA) than milk from Holsteiner cows. This results in a particularly rich cheese with a distinctive taste.

Jersey cows are scarce and are only kept in a few places. In addition, the Jersey cow is a strong breed that handles its nutrition efficiently. For example, they use less feed for the same amount of milk. This makes the Jersey cow very suitable for organic farming. However, the cow is a lot smaller and gives less milk.

Beppie Sheep Cheese

Beppie sheep’s cheese is a 100% organic sheep’s cheese. Coming from a small cooperative with organic sheep and prepared by De Mèkkerstee from Ouddorp. Very tasteful and particularly soft and creamy in taste. A real specialty with an unique taste.

This sheep’s cheese has the name Beppie due to the fact that Beppie is a primal Dutch name and the milk of this cheese comes from Dutch sheep. This sheep’s cheese is a real Dutch product, made from Dutch milk, so that’s why we chose this Dutch name.

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