Goat Cheese

An advantage of goat cheese is that it is lighter digestible than cheese made from cow’s milk. That’s because of the smaller fat molecules in goat’s milk. This allows goat cheese to fit perfectly into a balanced diet. Also, goat cheese contains a lot of vitamin A. This is because the goats convert all carotene (contains orange dye) from the feed into vitamin A. This also explains the white color of goat cheese. Goat cheese is also a godsend for people with cow’s milk allergies.

In our range you will find different types of goat cheese. Both organic and non-organic, from low-fat cheeses to full fat cheeses. Click on the cheeses below for more information!

Chevretta Goat Cheese

Chevretta is the best goat cheese. The goats graze in a large potting shed in North Holland. Thanks to a balanced diet of special grasses, flaxseed and straw, the milk is always of constant high quality. As a result, Chevretta goat cheese is very rich in flavour and super creamy.

Chevretta goat cheese without herbs is made by cheesemaker Klaver Kaas in the town called Winkel. They use microbial rennet instead of animal rennet during the cheese making process. This means that Chevretta cheeses without herbs is a vegetarian cheese.

Chevretta goat cheese with herbs is made by the Mèkkerstee.

Then this goat cheese is matured in our warehouse under constant temperature and humidity. This results in the following range:

Mèkkerstee Organic Goat Cheese

The cheese of the Mèkkerstee is very special. This goat cheese is 100% organic, full of taste and pure nature! On care farm De Mèkkerstee in Ouddorp, a goat herd of about 600 goats grazes that give about 3 liters of fresh goat’s milk every day. This milk is of high quality because the goats receive the best nutrition and care. In addition, they get the space they need.

The milk is processed into goat cheese with a delicious pure goat cheese flavor. In this process, no salt is added or preservatives are used, so you can taste the best of nature! The most delicious goat’s cheese is so soft and creamy that it appeals to everyone.