Sustainability is very important to us at Treur Kaas. We are happy to contribute to the environment and society, with the aim that future generations can also enjoy honest quality cheese with the purest taste.

With love for animals, people and earth

The welfare of cows, goats and sheep is of great importance here. They are well looked after and are healthy. Our cheese is made and matured with love for animals, people and earth. This means that our cows, goats and sheep get the best food full of important nutrients and the cows graze outside as soon as possible. The farmer works sustainably and gets a fair price for his milk. The farmers are committed to creating a cycle on their farm, making the most of the natural possibilities. They draw on nutritious grass, fertile cow manure and thus create a healthy soil.

Natural maturation

The cheeses mature naturally in our warehouses. It takes time, the right temperature and humidity to let the cheeses mature and create their specific taste. Thanks to the spacious cheese cellar that lies underground, we do not have to cool down, which saves a lot of energy.

Annually we reserve 5% of our net result to achieve investments in sustainability.

See below what else we do to work as sustainably as possible.