Swiss mountain cheese

In Mont Velán you can taste the centuries-old tradition of Swiss cheese art. Mont Velán owes its name to the mountain with the same name in the heart of the Swiss-Italian Alps. The cheese is an tribute to the sublime landscape around the mountain, with the soft green valley of the Menouve on the south side. The taste of Mont Velán is strong, full of aroma and natural purity. A delicious cheese for an evening drink, and in a Swiss cheese fondue it is also a great seasoning. The main ingredient is the fresh Alpine milk, derived from Swiss Brown cows. Tough, robust cows grazing on the Alpine meadows on high-altitude. The milk that the Swiss Brown ladies supply has an exceptionally beautiful balance in fat and protein composition: the perfect base for Mont Velán!

Awarded a Golden Award at the International Cheese Awards 2023!



Thermised cow's milk (NL), salt, starter culture, vegetarian rennet


Cow's milk protein, lactose

Fat content

50% F.I.D.M.


6 kg

Article number


Nutritional Value (per 100 grams)

1,520 kJ / 366 Kcal
23.9 g
0 g
Of which sugars
0 g
Total fat
30.1 g
Saturated Fat
21.6 g
Monounsaturated fat
7.6 g
Polyunsaturated fat
0.91 g
81 mg
1.71 g