Twisca Sheep Cheese

Twisca is a delicious tasteful North-Holland sheep’s cheese, rich in vitamins. This cheese owes its full, creamy taste to its high form (which is very beneficial for maturing) but above all to the North-Holland meadow’s where the milk sheep can graze to the fullest.

The milk for Twisca comes from nico Verduin’s sheep farm called “westfriesedijk”. He has about 700 Frisian milk sheep, which give an average of 450 liters of milk per year. In the Netherlands there are only 7000 of these sheep in total. His sheep graze on 70 hectares of land. This large nature reserve has always been influenced by salty, wetland. This makes the grass richer in composition and the milk much tastier! The feed for the animals is self-grown, so they can guarantee the quality. An extra effort they like to make to guarantee their vision for animal welfare and health!

Nico Verduin’s company is unique because lambs are born all year round (every month). The advantage of this is that he can deliver the best milk all year round and you can taste that in this delicious sheep’s cheese.