The farm De Jongenhoeve has been in the family for 100 years! In 1916 Leendert Boer bought this farm for his son Gerrit and daughter-in-law Jacoba. Cheese was made here in the summer. In 1938, daughter Gretel married Floor de Jong and they continued the farm. They had a son together, named Leendert de Jong. He and his wife Ineke took over his parents’ farm in 1973.

The cheese factory had stood still for some years, but in 1975 it was restarted by Leen and Ineke de Jong. In the beginning, cheese was only made in the summer. But when the 3 children (Margriet, Floor and Lianne) were growing up, there was more time and from then on cheese was made all year round. They also started a cheese shop on the farm.

Son Floor de Jong and his wife Evelyne currently live on the farm. His parents Leen and Ineke are also every day on the farm still working to sell delicious Gouda Farmstead Cheese!

Delicious Gouda Farmstead cheeses are made on the De Jongenhoeve cheese farm in Bergambacht, as well as Gouda herbed cheeses. In our range we have the Farmstead Cheese Jumbo, with it’s 60 kg, it is our largest SKU, de Erfgoed Stelling 705 and the herbed cheese Villa Jardin.

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