Treur Kaas awarded

The annual show International Cheese & Dairy Awards took place in Staffordshire, England last week. We were present with a stand, but several of our cheeses participated in the testing too. And not without result! A number of our cheeses were awarded.

Bio Truffo – Silver

The Bio Truffo is an organic cheese made of cow milk with an addition of Italian black truffle. This cheese has an extraordinarily pliable dairy and a nice and creamy taste. The jury rewarded this cheese with silver in the Organic Cheese category.

Weydeland Flinck – Silver

Weydeland Flinck is one of our Weydeland Specials. This aged cheese has beautiful crystals thanks to the long maturing time. A cheese with character! This cheese has been awarded silver in the International cheese category.

Biostee Extra Mature – Silver

Biostee Extra Mature is an organic cheese which is approx. 6 months old. Soft and creamy, but also full of character. A spicy lady (‘pittige tante’), so to speak. This cheese was also awarded a silver award by the jury.

Villa Chili Fumé – Bronze

The Villa Chili Fumé herbed cheese from our Villa series is a very special cheese. This cheese was smoked in a natural way and has a lovely addition of chili peppers as well. This makes the cheese both smoky and spicy in taste. The jury could appreciate this lovely taste, for they awarded a bronze award to this special little cheese.

Are you curious for our cheeses? Feel free to contact us and we’ll tell you all you need to know about these Award winners!

Published on 25 October 2021