Biostee is an organic agriculture and vegetable growing company in the Hoeksche Waard. This company is run by 3 farmers: Ard van Gaalen, Arian de Jong and Pieter Hugo Visser. On a course in the late 1990s on organic arable farming, these three farmers met. All three became enthusiastic and in the year 2000 they founded Biostee. All three have their own farm in Zuid-Beijerland where they take care of their own crops.

To ensure that the farmland is not depleted, they alternate vegetables such as onions, celeriac, peas and potatoes with resting crops, such as grass and clover varieties, alfalfa, rye, barley and oats. At the Biostee vegetables are grown for 4 years and then 2 years a rest crop. This crop rotation is very important for soil fertility, the prevention of soil diseases and suppression of weeds.

In Strijen, a town next to Zuid-Beijerland, 200 milk cows are grazing. These are taking care of by farmer Marius de Vlieger. These cows feast on the resting crops of the Biostee. As a thank you, they give delicious milk and manure full of nutrients in return. And with the pure, organic and unprocessed manure, the sea clay soil can be kept in shape again. The result is happy cows, delicious cheese from their milk, vegetables that grow well and Biostee farmers with a big smile. So the circle is complete!

The fresh organic milk of these cows then goes to care farm De Mèkkerstee in Ouddorp. On this care farm they make the most delicious organic cheese! 100% organic and you can taste it all.

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