De Mèkkerstee is a family business and has been around since 2001. Piet den Hartog then started a care farm with 75 goats, a small stable and a cheese factory, for the making of goat cheese. There is now a large stable with about 650 goats and there is a professional and extensive cheese factory with a large production area and machines. There are about 65 employees who are offered day care in the restaurant, the stable and the cheese factory.

Our goats get the best care. Every day they are provided with high-quality, organic food and they are literally pampered. This results in about 3 liters of delicious organic fresh milk per goat per day. Goat cheese is made from this milk.

Our goat cheese has a high quality standard. The cheeses are made according to our own recipe and is therefore unique in its kind. The cheeses have been awarded many times both national and international!

We have long opening hours and free entry. Everyone is welcome! We like to share our beautiful work and we are a transparent company. Feel free to come and admire our goats, see how our cheese is made or come and eat an ice cream, apple cake or a pancake in our restaurant. We meet strict hygiene requirements, because we are FSSC 22.000 and Skal (organic) certified, so the cheese factory can only be viewed from behind glass.

The goat cheeses of De Mèkkerstee are unique and have a very tasty and creamy character. The cheeses that De Mèkkerstee produces for us are all cheeses of our brands: Biostee, Happy Mrs Jersey and Mèkkerstee.

For more information, take a look at the website of De Mèkkerstee.