In 2005 Mattieu Spruit and his wife Tamara Spruit took over the farm ‘De Spruithoeve’ from his parents. Initially, Mattieu was mainly concerned with the milk cattle and the pigs. In 2011, Mattieu and Tamara started their cheese factory and made cheese every day. Today they still make about 30 cheeses every other day.

On their farm in Oudewater about 1200 pigs and 100 Holsteiner and Friesian cows graze from the fresh grass. These cows provide the basic ingredient of the delicious farmer’s cheeses, which is the fresh raw cow’s milk.

Our Erfgoed Stelling 606 is made on De Spruithoeve. This cheese has been named the best cheese in the Netherlands at the Cum Laude Awards in 2020! This is of course a really wonderful achievement and we are very happy that we have this cheese in our range.

For more information about De Spruithoeve, please visit their Facebook page..