Cheese Farm Mulder

In the middle of the polder between Melissant and Herkingen lies the family business of Cheese Farm Mulder. With the milk of their own cows, Sjaak, Tonny, Stefan and Bianca prepare artisan cheese, continuing an over 45-year old tradition. The taste of this golden product has been constantly refined through the years.

The cows’ wellbeing

The cows’ wellbeing is central. At Cheese Farm Mulder it is considered important that the cows feel happy. By giving the right feed and creating a comfortable living space, the quality of the milk and consequently of the cheese is best guaranteed. When the cows are happy, you will certainly taste this in the cheese!


Thanks to the use of solar panels (among other things) Cheese Farm Mulder is also a sustainable company. In the future they hope to become energy neutral. Craftsmanship, authenticity and sustainable are the core terms that specifically apply to the cheese of the Mulder family.

Our assortment includes the Erfgoed Stelling 803 and Erfgoed Stelling 804.