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As a Dutch family business in cheese we offer our specialities to a variety of customers in The Netherlands, Belgium, Germany, France and England. Wholesalers, retailers, speciality shops and people who sell cheese on weekly markets are some of the customers we serve.

With our rich history in aging Dutch cheese we could offer our customers the best quality cheese for an honest price. Our cheeses have a rich flavor and by maturing the cheese in our own warehouse we could deliver constant quality.

By constant temperature and humidity, our cheese is aging in a natural way. On wooden shelves and covering the cheese in the thinnest plastic coating possible the cheese matures better and it’s unique flavor will develop.

Our company has the right certificates FSCC 22000 and ISO22000 to guarantee food safety. Therefore the customer is always guaranteed of quality cheese. As a specialist in Dutch cheese we could offer you:

  • Gouda type cheeses in 48+ or with less fat like 35+ or 20+
  • Gouda type cheeses made of raw milk and thermised milk 
  • Gouda type cheeses with additives like fenugreek, cumin etc.
  • Hard goat cheese with additives or without
  • Hard sheep cheese
  • Organic cheese made of cow’s milk, goat’s milk or Jersey cow's milk
All these cheeses are made for serving the high-end customer in  exploring the world of cheese.
At several cheese competitions in England like The International Cheese Awards in Nantwich, the World Cheese Awards or Great Taste Awards, our cheese is rewarded with golden medals. It’s unique taste and excellent flavor are the components for its price.

Since we are a relatively small company and only located in the Netherlands, we are open minded in exporting our cheese specialties. Therefore we ask you to contact us when you are interested in buying Dutch speciality cheese of high quality. Together we will search for the opportunities and cooperation that both fits your and our strategy.

Meet us
This year we are present at the following exhibitions:
- Anuga in Cologne Germany 5-9 October 2019         Hal 10.1 stand H-062
- Biofach in Nuremberg Germany 12-15 February 2020 
- Salon du Fromage France 23-26 February 2020
- Sial in Paris France 18-22 October 2020

We are delighted to meet you at one of the events and taste for yourself the great quality cheese we serve.