Theo de Vos and his two brothers took over the farm (Lopik, Holland) from his parents in the early 1980s. His father always milked the cows and his mother made the cheese. Theo has learned the trade of cheese making from his mother.

The division of roles today is also fixed. Brother Piet takes care of the cows. These 120 cows provide the fresh milk every day, the main ingredient of the delicious farmstead cheeses. Brother Hans takes care of the mechanization and the pigs and Theo takes care of the cheese factory and the accounting. It is a real family business, because if Theo is not there, then his duties are taken over by his sister-in-law or his youngest sister.

The cheese made by the Vos family are the tastiest farmstead cheeses with additives. Making these farmstead herbed cheeses is really a profession on its own. The herbs are first pre-cooked. It is important that the dried herbs are saturated with water, otherwise they would extract the moisture from the cheese, while farmstead cheese should be so deliciously creamy!

The herbed cheeses made by the Vos family are: Villa Nella, Villa Rosa,  Villa Picanto,  Villa Korinthos,  Villa Cumin,  Villa Ortica  and  Villa Moutarde.